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2008 was a totally Year for the UFC. 2008 needed everything, but fights and fighters stand out keep reading to figure out why and who won what. UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008. UFC 92 has been the MMA event of this entire year, not UFC, but globally. All of 7 fights were amazing; it was not upsets and only the knockouts, but also the manufacturing and air value that made this year’s event. UFC 92 was magnificent. Honorable mention goes To UFC: Fight for your Troops and UFC 80: Quick Fire. Both events featured knock outs and fights.

From the UFC, there certainly were lots of great struggles in 2008; however, the 1 struggle that stands out in my head as struggle of this year is Georges Rush St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch in UFC 87. As a hardcore GSP enthusiast, watching him put on his way was beautiful this is a private opinion. Honorable mention goes Into Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture at UFC 91, Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson in UFC 86 and Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin in UFC 90. These are, although I am convinced there are conflicts that I am missing. It is hard to recall rounds; however there was one round at the GSP/Fitch struggle that I will never forget. The next round of this struggle was remarkable.

Fitch fell and was dominated and he kept battling. He was exact and fast, it was like he floated. While Round One was one Round Three was the best round of MMA I found from the UFC at 2008. The guy known for his epic poem comebacks wins this one hands down. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria’s come from supporting entry success against Tim Sylvia in UFC 81 was exactly what MMA is all about. Nogueria was trashed frequently and early by Sylvia also it appeared that Sylvia went to jab on his way. Nogueria was hurt in Round Three but employed his Jiu Jitsu abilities that are brilliant to capture Sylvia at a choke.

All of them deserve the honour, but I need to select one and I am going on Yoshida with Koscheck. The Koscheck KO is two, while the two were both shocking and barbarous. He and Koscheck KOed Yoshida dropped back against the cage, on the cage was struck by him, bounced and Koscheck gave him one more sending him crashing to the canvas because the ref stepped in to stop the battle.  We watched lots of great submissions from the UFC this season, but one which really sticks out in my head is Dustin Hazelett’s flying armbar on Josh Burkman in The Ultimate Fighter 7 finale, it was something of beauty. Honorable mention goes Into C.B. Dollaway’s Peruvian necktie on Jesse Taylor in Silva vs. Irvin, Rousimar Palhares’ slick armbar on Mcgregor vs Mayweather Live Stream and Anderson Silva’s rear naked choke triumph over Dan Henderson in UFC 82.

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